15 January 2013

My First Post

Welcome to my blog........... A lighthearted documentation of my crafting life (with the occasional spelling mistakes and guaranteed grammatical goofs).
A little about me.
My name is Karen and I live in Auckland, New Zealand.
I have been married to Graham for 19 years. Up until 5 years ago we had a trucking business, but we had to sell it because Graham had both his hips replaced.
For last 4 years he has been the Community Chaplain in our area. He absolutely loves the people contact and being able to change lives.
As with most crafters, we have pets, 3 cats and one rabbit, all worryingly old now. One especially will make frequent appearances on this blog I am sure.
I have been a sewer all my life, including being a dressmaker (fashion and Irish Dancing dresses), and having my own clothing label (still make the odd thing).
14 years ago I took up quilting as a hobby, and 6 years ago I turned that into a wee business. To date I have designed about 45 patterns for softies, bags and quilts. I have a couple of groups and do the odd bit of teaching.
I started paper crafting seriously 8 years ago, but all that was put on hold when I started my quilting business. I made cards for family and friends over the years but have only started joining groups, doing challenges etc. over the last 2 months....... AND BUYING NEW PRODUCTS eeeek! The Papercraft market has supersized itself since I purchased items 8 years ago............very overwhelming, and soooooooooooooooo tempting!!
I have yet to settle on one style as I enjoy most styles...we will see what develops as I play and learn . I just remember to enjoy the process and not do the comparison thing. :-)
So join me as I attempt to master blogging (any advice gladly accepted), and journey further into the wonderful world of paper crafting ......................with some quilting thrown in.
I would love it if you comment and chatter, pin and follow, refer and link, and use other mediums I am yet to discover.
PS I think I have just written a profile......I will condense, copy and paste!


maria mcclure said...

Congratulations on starting your new blog, Karen!! I'm looking forward to your posts and reading about your beautiful cards! Enjoy it!

Barbara said...

Hi Karen, congratulations on your new blog!I'm looking forward to seeing your posts about cards and quilts and your pets, of course :-) I'm a cardmaker myself, but don't have a blog. It's true, the paper crafting world has changed dramatically and there are so many fabulous things out there to buy. I'm sure it's quite the same with fabrics and quilting supplies. Just have fun. I'll be back... Barbara