17 May 2013

Runway Inspired Challenge - ric#35 - Miu Miu

This was such a wonderful image to work with. I made one card, then another, then......well, I made four cards. I think it was the pink polka dots in the scarf and the blue in the bag..........they mesmerised me.:-)

I have put them in order of my pick as best for the challenge appearing first.

The first two use the pocket flap shape and the second has the button tab influence.


I loved this challenge.

Thanks for stopping by.


Wida said...

wow! lots of pretty things on this post. You must have been very inspired. I love that you love the challenge. It is my favorite too and has been since the first time I saw it! Ok, out of the bunch, I like the first one best. I think the design is interesting and I love the clustered grouping in the corner :)

My Paper Epiphany said...

All cards gorgeous! I love the buttons and the shiny pink polka dots on the 1st card especially.