14 September 2013

Crazy Awesome with Lesley Croghan

My gosh, it's very hard to write this post and not be carried away by the moment.
Lesley Croghan is such an enthusiastic and gifted card maker in her own right, but she is also a great encourager to all card makers (I know many of you have been on the receiving end of her lovely comments), including those who craft 'under the radar'. Well it seems I have been lucky enough to become one of the many wee 'blips' on her radar, and she has done me the great honour of featuring me in the 'Crazy Awesome' section of her blog today. If you would like to have a look click Here. I even get a nice badge for my blog!! Large Cheshire grin!! Thanks Lesley.

I thought I should have a few images on this post, so here are some cards I made a few months ago, for no particular reason. Playing with stamps, and inspired by blogs I visit.

This one was inspired by Keisha at A Bit East-coast. Her cards are gorgeous. Have a look, you will see what I mean.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Lesley said...

So happy to have met you in blogland, Karen. I love your beautiful cards!! Thank you for letting me feature you today!

Colleen said...

Karen, congratulations on being Crazy Awesome! I know how you feel, Leslie featured me last week..she is incredible for sure and such talent, wish I had a pinkie worth of what she has!! Your cards are gorgeous, I am so glad she found her way to you and is showing you off to the world of blogland! You have magnificent cards! I am becoming a follower!! Congrats again!

Nancy said...

Lesley is a sweetheart that is for sure!!! She knows talent when she sees it...and you are Uberly talented that is for sure...I loved looking at your beautiful work! Congrats!!!