30 July 2016

How to divide Posts into Separate pages.

Hi everyone. I have been a little troubled with my new venture into Mixed Media pieces and how they looked with 'normal' card posts. I was seriously considering a second blog (may still do this) but for the moment I found a way to at least divide them into pages using 'Labels'.
They will still appear together on the 'Home' page, however, if you only want to look at card posts, click on the 'Cards' page, same for 'Mixed Media'. I can see there could be lots more pages with some items being given two Labels and appearing on two pages IE 'Cards' and maybe a 'Christmas' page, or different stamp companies etc.

To make the separate pages work, I followed the instructions on this page exactly. It was very easy. Once the pages were set up it only took a few minutes to label about 50 posts from the archives.

You may be thinking this is a bit 'Highfalutin' for Mrs Average here. While I am generally not a 'High Analytical' (See Note Below),  I do have a need for some sort of order.

NOTE:- See what Social Style you are here, it's very interesting. Mine was done 25 years ago and it has been so useful understanding myself, and others, especially in communication breakdowns.

Hope this info. is useful and have a great week.

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